About Us

The Harmony of Opposite Tensions

Atlas Institute for International Affairs is the world’s leading international affairs open-access think tank and publisher, committed to the exploration and explanation of global events. The organization provides a dialogue platform where young individuals and senior experts alike can exchange viewpoints and information regarding both the theory and practice of international affairs.

Atlas Institute publishes content and promotes events focusing on international relations, defense & security, regional studies, transnational phenomena, global governance and international trade & development. Specific regional concentrations include Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Russia & Eurasia, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. The meeting point between those who share knowledge and those who seek it results in the delivery of innovative journalism, the development of strategic insight and the elaboration of sustainable policy solutions. This learning process is fundamental to chart a course towards a better world and is the quintessence of all our work.

Our global network encompasses academics, policy experts, decision-makers, students and other bipartisan organizations, all of whom collaborate to produce original and impartial open access resources and content. Atlas Institute’s editorial stance, just like its network, is all-inclusive and ranges from news articles to research papers, passing through student essays to PolitiCards. Each year, our organization endorses, promotes and sponsors a multitude of worldwide conferences, roundtables and speaker events focusing on international affairs.

Our political risk consulting division, Titan, is dedicated to the pro bono dissemination of regional, national and global financial and economic reports, the monitoring of political events and election exit polls and the analysis of the impact of legislative and regulatory fluctuations on investment outlooks. The Titan Global Risk Index (TGRI) provides a powerful and easily interpretable quantitative assessment of the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters in 191 countries. Our mission is to transform risk, uncertainty and challenges into certainty, security and opportunity.

Atlas Institute for International Affairs is committed to maintaining institutional independence and hence is not aligned with any public or private organization, nor does it receive any financial support from the latter. Our organization is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of international affairs academics, practitioners and students.