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The Academy's Defence & Security section focuses on the theory and practice of international security studies. Undergraduate and postgraduate scholars from top universities all around the world share their best academic projects on a plethora of security-related thematic concentrations. Among these include, just to mention a few, the relationship between security discourse and practice, European defense, WMD proliferation, the military-industrial complex, NATO, cybersecurity, critical security studies and human security.

Leon Donadoni

Executive Summary The energy transition’s uncertain outcome, coupled with the current instability of the Middle Eastern, North African and Eurasian geopolitical landscape, has paved the way to newfound challenges for…

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Angelica Faotto

Is Inequality and/or Health a Security Threat? We are witnessing an unprecedented “political revolution in the area of health” (Fidler 2005, p.179). No impregnable wall exists between a world that…

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Angelica Faotto

Introduction Nuclear weapons have been at the centre of the international system and of diplomatic and policy discourses for more than sixty years, and they have become ever more prominent…

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"#Washington and #Moscow have to opt for one of the three possible scenarios laid out for the future of the…

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'Despite achieving some victories, the security forces’ treatment of the Sinai’s population undermined the state’s…

3 weeks ago
"The plausibility of #Teheran opting for the #DPRK’s scenario ... could trigger a #nuclear crisis." - Anastasia Efi…

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