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Each year, the Atlas Institute endorses, promotes and sponsors more than 150 conferences, roundtables and speaker events focusing on international affairs. The Institute collaborates with an extensive range of different organizations, including other think tanks, local associations and university societies.

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Gea Donadoni

 This Events reportage was co-authored by Ezra Friedman. On Thursday 24th of January 2018, Warwick’s Pugwash Society and Warwick’s…

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7 MPs have resigned from the #LabourParty, claiming it has lost sight of its values, providing no hope for #Britainhttps://t.co/dQD9QX1c5N

15 hours ago
"The countries of #Africa, #Asia, and #LatinAmerica provide around 92% of all military and police personnel for #UNhttps://t.co/1DrLptJ1Mj

1 week ago
"The sudden resignation of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has rekindled debate about leadership succession and t… https://t.co/HrPxnMWoxn

1 week ago

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