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Our Expert's Defence & Security section is dedicated to the delivery of strategic insight and the elaboration of sustainable policy solutions focusing on the theory and practice of international security studies. Academics, policy experts and decision-makers from all around the world share their viewpoints and researches on a plethora of security-related thematic concentrations. Among these include, just to mention a few, the relationship between security discourse and practice, European defense, WMD proliferation, the military-industrial complex, NATO, cybersecurity, critical security studies and human security.

Maarten Visser

Introduction Terrorism networks have proven to be original and determined, going to great lengths to attain the funds they so desperately need. After all, finances are the lifeblood of terrorist…

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Dieter Boden

This article is a book review of Philipp Ammon, Georgien zwischen Eigenstaatlichkeit und russischer Okkupation. Die Wurzeln des Konflikts vom 18. Jh. bis 1924, Frankfurt/M 2020. This is the fascinating…

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Ramzi Bendebka

Regional peace and unity have always been a goal pursued by most countries. For some, it is a means to take advantage of geographical proximity to enlarge the economy and…

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RT @ErasmusIMSISS: Proud to present the work of #IMSISS student, Maarten Visser, who has recently published an essay at @theatlasinst look…

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"The very consideration of resuming #nuclear tests with all their subsequent #environmental and #health consequence…

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Varying levels of #political support combined with ongoing uncertainty in the present #oil market mean that #Canada

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