International Trade & Development

Charting a course towards sustainable economics. 

Our Expert's International Trade & Development section is dedicated to the delivery of strategic insight and the elaboration of sustainable policy solutions focusing on international commerce and sustainable development. Academics, policy experts and decision-makers from all around the world share their viewpoints and researches on a plethora of socioeconomic-related thematic concentrations. Among these include, just to mention a few, poverty eradication, the SDGs, trade wars, finance, the green economy, FDI, institutions such as FAO and WFP and global macroeconomic trends.

Monim Benaissa

A third of the world’s production of hydrocarbons is now offshore and taken from the bottom of the sea. From the Arctic to the Mediterranean, offshore reserves are estimated to…

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Ge Xin

This research article was co-authored by Jia Chen and Ge Xin Abstract The political and economic transformation of former Soviet Bloc Europe has been far-reaching in the last 30 years.…

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Harsha Senanayake

Does BRI upgrade the strategic position of Sri Lanka in Indo-Pacific theatre? The end of the civil war in Sri Lanka booted the economic growth of the country, and massive…

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RT @ErasmusIMSISS: Proud to present the work of #IMSISS student, Maarten Visser, who has recently published an essay at @theatlasinst look…

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"The very consideration of resuming #nuclear tests with all their subsequent #environmental and #health consequence…

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Varying levels of #political support combined with ongoing uncertainty in the present #oil market mean that #Canada

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