Transnational Phenomena

Charting a course towards controlled transnationalism.  

Our Expert's Transnational Phenomena section is dedicated to the delivery of strategic insight and the elaboration of sustainable policy solutions focusing on current global trends and future universal challenges. Academics, policy experts and decision-makers from all around the world share their viewpoints and researches on a plethora of extra-territorial related thematic concentrations. Among these include, just to mention a few, globalization, illegal mass migration, climate change, global processes of labor exploitation, robotization, world financial crises, the global civil society and cyber-warfare.


Ilaria Carrozza

What do Sino-African relations reveal about Chinese socialisation dynamics? This chapter argues for a re-examination…

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Salvador Santino Fulo Regilme Jr.

How domestic and transnational factors explain China's assertiveness in the South China Sea  Why did…

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Alessandro Fabbri

When do humanitarian principles cease to be ethical? A very topical subject in these months…

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"What do Sino-African relations reveal about #Chinese socialisation dynamics?" Ilaria Carrozza. Click here to read…

6 days ago
"What has determined continuity and change in the #IMF in the wake of the 2008 #financialcrisis?" Dr. Saliha Metins…

1 week ago
Whenever there is a threat to its #masculine existence, the #Indian state uses violent counter insurgency measures…

3 weeks ago

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November 25, 2018
Ross Bellaby
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