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PolitiCards combines innovative journalism in an accessible and interactive form with your personal viewpoint of world affairs. The cards allow users to express their opinion on the quality of political decision-making at the global level. PolitiCards enables readers to vote, creating a poll on the quality of deliberation during a particular event. Each vote allows us to give quantifiable ratings to decision-making at the international level, rather than simply assessing a policy's domestic impact.

Emma Raiteri

Juan Guaidó, the 35-year-old leader of the opposition in Venezuela and head of the National Assembly, declared himself as acting, interim president of Venezuela. This move came after Nicolas Maduro…

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Marco Rampoldi

Russia has seized two Ukrainian gunboats and a tug after opening fire on them. Six sailors were wounded, and the crew is currently being held captive. Russia's FSB claims that…

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Imad Coulibaly

President Trump announces the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria President Trump affirms that the Islamic State has been defeated, therefore the U.S will be removing its armed forces from…

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Dr Ben Wellings, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at @MonashUniversity, addresses the inevit… https://t.co/a8oQ15RskD

2 weeks ago
"While many countries continue to grapple with balancing #economic and #environmental concerns..the issue of strand… https://t.co/343jKbNfmP

2 weeks ago
Would #BRICS members be willing to add T to BRICS?” Arslan Ayan analyzes #Turkey’s ever-increasing aspiration to be… https://t.co/tAH7d7LsmW

3 weeks ago

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