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Our Politicards' Middle East and North Africa section covers the quality of political deliberation for the Arab world, stretching from Morocco to Iran; for the world's greatest energy exporting region; for 33 different nations and their respective governments. All of this is possible through the combination of innovative journalism in an accessible and interactive form with your personal viewpoint of world affairs.

Imad Coulibaly

On Saturday the 11th of January the Libyan National Army - loyal to General Khalifa Haftar- announced a conditional ceasefire that would commence on Sunday at 10:01 GMT. The ceasefire…

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Imad Coulibaly

On Monday the 18th, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the US’ decision to recognise the Israeli presence in the West Bank as legal. Mike Pompeo announced that…

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Imad Coulibaly

President Trump announces the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria President Trump affirms that the Islamic State has been defeated, therefore the U.S will be removing its armed forces from…

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"#Washington and #Moscow have to opt for one of the three possible scenarios laid out for the future of the… https://t.co/7F00FD8cqr

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'Despite achieving some victories, the security forces’ treatment of the Sinai’s population undermined the state’s… https://t.co/qVBsQwEpc7

3 weeks ago
"The plausibility of #Teheran opting for the #DPRK’s scenario ... could trigger a #nuclear crisis." - Anastasia Efi… https://t.co/nPO4sG3YL9

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