December 20, 2018

Survey on the Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria

By Imad Coulibaly

President Trump announces the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria

President Trump affirms that the Islamic State has been defeated, therefore the U.S will be removing its armed forces from Syria. A decision not shared by the majority of states involved in the war- notably France and the United Kingdom- who qualify Trump’s decision as premature and risky.

Donald Trump

Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria, 19/12/2018
Does the decision ameliorate the stability of the international system as a whole or does it lead to greater instability and increased tension?
+ 3Strong increase in international stability + 2Moderate increase in international stability + 1Slight increase in international stability 0No change in international stability - 1Slight decrease in international stability - 2Moderate decrease in international stability - 3Strong decrease in international stability
Is the decision durable and are there the necessary resources to maintain it over an extended period of time?
+ 3Highly sustainability + 2Moderately sustainability + 1Slightly sustainability 0Neutral - 1Slightly unsustainability - 2Moderately unsustainability - 3Strongly unsustainability
What are the chances that the decision will achieve its prefixed outcome?
+ 3High rate of success + 2Moderate rate of success + 1Slight rate of success 0Neutral - 1Slight rate of failure - 2Moderate rate of failure - 3High rate of failure
How large is the gamble involved in the decision and how drastic would the impact be if the outcome were negative?
+ 3Highly safe + 2Moderately safe + 1Slightly safe 0Neutral - 1Slightly risky - 2Moderately risky - 3Highly risky
Was the decision made along with a larger framework of actors and/or institutional arrangements?
+ 3Highly cooperative + 2Moderately cooperative + 1Slightly cooperative 0Neutral - 1Slightly uncooperative - 2Moderately uncooperative - 3Highly uncooperative
Does the decision acknowledge, consider and respect the interests and identities of other parties?
+ 3Highly inclusive + 2Moderately inclusive + 1Slightly inclusive 0Neutral - 1Slightly exclusive - 2Moderately exclusive - 3Highly exclusive
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