Vlad Voiculescu: The Future of Eastern European Development Within the EU

Author: Teodor Ionita
Date: November 12, 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

In conversation with Romania’s former Minister of Health and Chief of Staff for the Minister of Finances

Warwick Romanian Speaking Society together with Warwick International Relations Society have the pleasure to invite you to our joint event, “The future of Eastern European development within the EU”. The event will be held on Friday, 23rd of November, in the Woods-Scawen room (Warwick Arts Centre).

Our speaker is Vlad Voiculescu, ex-Romanian Minister of Health and ex-Chief of Staff for the Romanian Minister of Finances. He is a leader of the RO+ party and of the Romania100 Platform, two organisations that plan on changing Romanian politics and solving the institutional mismanagement imbedded within ex-communist states. He has been recognised by the European Parliament and European Commission for his initiative, the “Cytostatic Network”, a platform that enables cancer patients in Romania to procure life-saving medication at a reduced cost, bypassing local corruption and the delays within the Romanian health system.

The discussion will revolve around the major issues that threaten the complete integration of Eastern European states in the EU. Our speaker will provide explanations and examples from his vast personal experience in government, analysing why populism is on the rise in the east, how corruption affects ex-communist states and how to change their inefficient systems in the hope of a brighter future in the EU.

View the event here.


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